Thursday, October 10, 2013


Now I love baking (obviously) cakes and cupcakes mostly but sometimes I wanna try something a little different... Now I have spoiled myself and booked on a bread making course next Saturday (19th)... I soooo cannot wait!!!!! I will share pics then... if I don't eat it all first lol...

Anyway before then here are some more of my cakes..

McDonalds anyone????

a rickety castle... with an added Rapunzel doll!!

Mixed 50th Cupcakes

Tinker Belle and Periwinkle cake..

a flower cupcake bouquet

Simple Vanilla cupcakes

Who fancies some sunbathing??

Vanilla swirls..

The most amazing toffee and date cake - EVER,,,
the recipe is by Quaint cakes - link in sidebar 

hope you like xxx

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